Baby steps are good, although baby steps in the wrong direction can result in the baby falling into a hole


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Singapore has, perhaps understandably, been the subject of much international tsk-tsking ¬†over its policy of capital punishment for serious crimes. We are not just talking Punishment with a capital “P” here- the good old noose awaits persons convicted of drug trafficking, murder and certain firearms offences.

For would-be drug traffickers at least, the high- stakes game of Singapore-style roulette means that the odds are stacked firmly in favour of the house. The Misuse of Drugs act provides that any person found in possession of drugs is presumed to know the nature of the drug. Also, any person who has in his possession drugs exceeding a statutory amount (the amount varies depending on the drug) is presumed to have that drug for the purpose of trafficking. And, finally, any person who trafficks in excess of a certain amount of hardcore drugs (yes hippies, weed is a hardcore drug in Singapore) gets the death penalty.

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